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The canvas Klein tool bag….. what I really wanted.

klein tool bag

The Klein Tools 5102-24 Canvas Tool Bag, 24-Inch…. this is the bag I really wanted.  My main problem was the “Moisture-resistant, vinyl bottom and lower sides”….  I really have to have waterproof.  Even though I have no clue if Klein makes this bag in the USA…. I would support Klein over other bag manufacturers just because they support the USA.  Unlike the bag I ended up purchasing.

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Bucket Boss GateMouth Jr. Tool Bag

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I used this Bucket Boss GateMouth Jr. Tool Bag for a couple years…..  it started falling apart and the zipper did not work right.  Plus all my stuff did not fit and would constantly fall out…. I also could never find anything.

This bag was really to small and I needed something bigger.  But what bags should I purchase?

The 2 bags I was looking at were: (But I really wanted a bag made in the USA.)
Klein Tools 5102-24 Canvas Tool Bag, 24-Inch
Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag

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WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll

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Well I purchased a WARN PullzAll and was excited that I was not going to have to kill myself picking up an item.  The item was a 300 pound motor and had a lifting eye on it.  I had to lift it about 4 feet.  Well my PullzAll did not work…. I really had to do the job that day and could not wait for a replacement.  So I broke my back!  🙂  I also never got a replacement…. for the money I would use this enough to justify the cost.  But I also have 3 Come Alongs…. but I did not want a forth so I dead lifted the motor the pulled in onto the rack with a tow strap.  What a pain…. the WARN is worth the money I believe!  🙂  It was also nice and light and not to big.