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By on October 7th, 2015 in Klein Tools, Reviews

Klein Tools Professional Alcohol Opening Device the 98002BT Bottle Opener – Picture Review :)

This alcohol opening device is made here in the good old USA…. where basically nothing is made now. I bet my Craftsman alcohol opening device is not made here? It is not that old. 🙂  It is a pretty nice tool if you are an alcoholic and want to put this in your tool bag like me.  JK!  LOL 🙂  It is pretty nice…. it seems a little light but nice enough.

This is really my only issue with the Klein bottle opener…. you have to “always use approved eye protection” when using the opener. So you can not use this around you buddies. You will look like a welder.  🙂 Also “do not use to pry or chisel”…. Wwwwhat?  Really?

So to sum up my review of the Klein Tools 98002BT…. it works fine if you can not read warnings! 🙂 If you can read…. this bottle opener can not be used to “pry” your cap off your beverage.  Also you MUST “ALWAYS USE APPROVED EYE PROTECTION”…. making this the stupidest device ever…. I mean ever! You could probably purchase a bottle opener from China which you could pry a cap off without eye protection?

By on August 17th, 2015 in Durman, Reviews, Storage

Nice 18 drawer bin tool, part, screw cabinet.


I thought this cabinet was really nice but just really liked the portable boxes better.  This is similar to the Durham 030-95 Gray Cold Rolled Steel Storage Cabinet, 33-3/4″ Width x 12-7/8″ Height x 11-3/4″ Depth, 18 Drawer…. I was just impressed with the quality, price and the fact I have never seen one of these before.  Amazon has the Durham for $181.48 free delivery…. but I have not touched a new Durham tool box.  🙂  BTW…. I sold this for $100.

By on May 24th, 2015 in Pictures, Reviews, WARN

WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll Review on the hooks and compare with pictures

I would consider the WARN Corded PullzAll hook being the same caliber as a Harbor Freight hook.  The safety part clip piece being a low grade and misaligned…. also the way the hook is attached to the device or rope is sub-par.  Sure it works…. but I believe it should be a quality screw.  What happens if you need to take the hook off?  (Which I have done…. to pull something from outside of a building.  Also to attach to something else.)

The Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144SB-6 2 Ton hook you can remove and also swivels on one side!  Which is nice…. but removable out of the box is better.  Also made in the USA.

The look a like TEKTON 5546 4-Ton Power Puller hook you can remove and also swivels on one side.

By on May 22nd, 2015 in Pictures, Reviews, WARN

WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll Review on the windings with pictures

This is just a note about something I do not like with this WARN Corded PullzAll.  If you look closely how the rope hoist is wound.  If you unwind the Warn to far the unit will just start winding the rope back up.  Also the red mark on the rope makes the rope seem short when using it.  I will need to measure this rope.  I know it has it be to specs…. but it seems so short!  🙂

By on May 20th, 2015 in Pictures, Reviews, WARN

WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll Review on weight with pictures

Shortly after these pictures I found another Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton in the box and I found the box for my Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144SB-6 2 Ton.  These devices are Made in the USA and they are cheaper on amazon but Home Depot or Lowes carries them if you are in a bind (which I always am…. hence 3 come alongs!).  My other come along is a cheap 4 ton I believe?  Looks like a TEKTON 5546 4-Ton Power Puller.

So the WARN Corded PullzAll is actually very light in comparison.

By on April 21st, 2015 in Pictures, Reviews, uhaul, WARN

WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll Review a working one! :)


Well I purchased a WARN PullzAll again…. this time it worked.  I used it to pull a 1000# pallet off a tilt trailer.  (Which is actually hard to move.  🙂 )  Also I used it to pull this janky canopy to the zee purlins today.  I was planning on using rope but the canopy is so big and annoying.  My wife did not want it under our deck and I did not want it in my equipment room.  See who won?  🙂

Well the wench is pretty helpful.  Here is my official review points…. and stuff I do not like.
-Every time I use the warn I really just feel lazy…. it is soooo sloooow.  A come-along would be faster and I do not care about the extra work (I am not that lazy yet 🙂 ).
-The warn will stop at its limit…. which is good.  But it is a low reserve it seems…. even with the canopy…. when it got stuck on crap in the room it could not break free.  A come-along would not have the same issues.
-The warn wench rope seems super short…. Not sure how long I would want but just longer.
-Maybe if the warn wheel for the wench rope was larger?
-Worse thing is…. you have to unwind the rope. There is no release switch. Does not sound annoying…. but it is.
-The power cord…. pretty much sucks…. but I will not use this regularly so the battery would never work.  Plus the battery they are selling is not  Lithium…. it is NiMH…. WHY?  I would not pay my money for a NiMH battery when it should be a Lithium.
-Also a wired handheld remote would have been nice.
-This warn 120v wench is not going to be used on a car…. well because it uses 120v.  What is up with the hooks then?  Shouldn’t it have some sort of straps or something instead of the hooks?  I know they want to sell this! PullzAll Rigging Kit  LOL!  🙂  This is exactly what should be included or incorporated into the design.  The system is pretty annoying to use…. knowing it is not a car wrench.  This adds another $64 to the item.

When I pulled a 1000-1500# piece of equipment on to a rented uhaul…. I used a come along wench (similar to the link) and it was much faster to setup and readjust during the job.  Also the max was 4x which was nice.  The come along seems or is faster….  The only thing I believe the warn has which is really great is the reverse function…. also the more precise pulling.  But the pulling seems to not stop right away…. so it might not be a total positive?  LOL  🙂

So my Warn PullzAll review conclusion is:  (My conclusion is based on pulling or lifting only.)  If you are a total lazy ass…. Hands down best item ever!  If you like to get crap done and you are not going to use it all the time…. you will wonder why you purchased this thing?  It seems to work in slow motion and it is setup for not doing your job.  You can read the warn review here…. almost every job they state this device is for…. needs some sort of rigging.

I do not have the need to lower things with a wench…. but if I needed a portable lowering device this would be AWESOME!  I usually just let crap fall!  LOL 🙂  The only time I didn’t I was using a forklift.


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By on April 20th, 2015 in Best Trailer Inc., Pictures, Reviews, Sunbelt Rentals, video

SunBelt 6′ Wide Axle Tilt Trailer Best Trailer Inc. TB6X12S

Here is a bunch of pictures you want to see before you rent the trailer…. well I wish I saw these pictures!  🙂  They used a 2″ ball and you have to have a really hitch not a bumper hitch thing.  Plus they use just the standard 4 pin trailer plug.  I think Uhaul might use the 7?  I do not remember I have both.


You can note from the second picture above that the tilt lays the bed flat on the ground.  The last picture just shows the load that I rented the trailer for.  (It was a 1000# load on a pallet…. yrc damaged the wood boxes during shipping that is why they are not all stacked on top of each other.)  Actually worked very well since I did not have a forklift at the delivery location.  Only problems with the trailer for my application was there are only 4 set tie downs.  But the lip on the trailer is fine for small standard straps and the larger yellow straps that you can sell in the picture.

I also have been using these (which are pretty nice):  Keeper 04622 Heavy Duty 27′ x 2” Ratcheting Tie Down  If you have some suggestions on straps let me know…. I am always looking for something new.  🙂

By on April 17th, 2015 in Custom LeatherCraft, Greenlee, Klein Tools, Pictures, Reviews

New Picture Review of my Custom LeatherCraft 1534 16 Tote Tool Bag – 29 POUNDS! :)

custom leatherlraft 1534 16custom leatherlraft 1534 16-2custom leatherlraft 1534 16-3custom leatherlraft 1534 16-4custom leatherlraft 1534 16-5

I purchased this Custom LeatherCraft Tote Bag really just to hold power tools…. I really do not use power tools very often.  So this bag mainly sits in my truck.  I use my impact wrench the most though.  I also keep my collect of drill bit holders and a couple of my Klein Tools 5539CPAK Canvas Zipper Bags which actually got bad reviews on amazon?  But I purchased the bags anyway and they seem to be made as well as my Klein Tools 5139 12-1/2-Inch Canvas Zipper Bag?  Which have lasted at least 10 years now.  The 5539 are smaller but that was not a surprise and I wanted the colors to be able to know what was in the bags.  I also purchased a Greenlee 0158-14 Canvas Zipper Bag for my Greenlee Nut Driver Set and the bag seems to be well made also.

By on April 9th, 2015 in Pictures, Reviews, Veto Pro Pac

New Picture Review of my Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag – 55 POUNDS! :)

veto pro pac review-53veto pro pac review-55veto pro pac review-54veto pro pac review-57veto pro pac review-52veto pro pac review-56veto pro pac review-58

Well it is technically 54.98 pounds…. I think after 5-6 months I can come up with my first complaint.  I started using my nut drivers more lately (for some reason)?  Unless I rearrange my bag my location for them is not going to work.  It is to hard to slide them in and out…. They end up all in a bunch and then I need to read the label each time.  Instead of exchanging for the bigger size.  Also I might have be carrying too many wrenches!  But I did get rid of some of them.  🙂

This is a link to the Veto Pro Pac Tech XL Tool Bag by the way.