By on February 21st, 2018 in Klein Tools, Neiko

So You Like Strippers? I Love Strippers Also! :)

So I have liked strippers for the past 30 years.  My first stripper I can still remember her…. She was yellow and black.  She lasted the longest…. but the blade fell off somewhere.  I assume this stripper was a not a brand name because I purchased it from Kmart of all places.  My second a red Neiko 01924A which lasted almost 5 years.  My Neiko’s plastic red handle would keep falling off.  (I guess I could have duct taped it? or #$@% it…. This tool just got super annoying to use…. sorry for the language!  LOL 🙂  The handle was cheap and just not ergonomic in the hand. )  Today I got a tip while talking to a friend…. We were talking about strippers of course.  🙂  He recommended the Klein Tools 11061 stripper.  So I purchase the Klein as my replacement…. Maybe it will last 5-25 years?  🙂

BTW The Klein 11061 cost $22.05 and the Neiko 01924A cost $16.58…. So it is really not worth getting a cheaper version if you plan on using the tool.

This is a really great type of stripper to have if you ever have a lots of cables to strip…. Alone with a good pair of wire cutters (The built in cutters on these strippers are super annoying to use more then once or twice.  So because this tool is really used for lots of cable cutting just do not think about it.  🙂 )  Great stripper design though for lots of cable stripping.

I do have different style wire strippers in my bag though.  These are better for working on less wires.  These are Klein Tools 11055…. I also have a smaller style and a couple different brands actually.  I believe I have 2 of the Klein actually?  🙂