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By on August 16th, 2015 in L-Boxx

Cheap Bosch L-Boxx 3 or Sortimo L-Boxx 238 for $29.50? No BS! :)

Okay…. I really purchased a Sortimo L-Boxx from the link below guys for $29.50!  🙂  I guess he does not have anymore?  I checked his feedback before I purchase mine and he even had an I-Boxx at one time.  He will have some more to sell one day…. I hope!

I did find another place that had a Reconditioned Bosch Lboxx.  A Refurbished LBoxx how bad could it be?  🙂  Well…. I did not purchase one yet.   They had L-Boxx -2 originally but it seems they only have L-Boxx-1 Refurbs now.  It was cpo.

Link to the Sortimo Seller
Refurb Bosch LBOXX-1 Storage Case $27 on

By on July 24th, 2015 in L-Boxx

Cheap Bosch L-Boxx 3 or Sortimo L-Boxx 238 for $29.50? No BS! :)


Well everyone might have known that you could get a Sortimo L-Boxx 238 for $29.50 shipped?  But I did a lot of searching and I did finally find the source!  🙂  Do not get me wrong I was a little scared.  It even came to my  house in 2 days!  WHAT!  LOL 🙂  The guy is out of Atlanta I believe?  These Sortimo boxes seem nice…. I mean Bosch Sortimo L-Boxxes.  🙂  I wish you could easily purchase inserts…. the plastic inserts not the foam inserts.  They really seem like the best case ever though?

But I wish the Dewalt cases were in the stores…. Because I might have already purchased them.  It is actually the only reason I have never pulled the trigger on the Dewalt Tough System.  The Dewalt TSTAK system looks cheap…. but the reviews claim they are good?

Link to the Sortimo Seller
Bosch LBOXX-3 Carring Case $59 on