By on June 24th, 2017 in Dodge Charger

Replacing a Thermostat in a Dodge Charger RT Hemi v8 5.7

Pictures to help you locate the location of the thermostat. You will need a 13mm socket which I need a metric set! 🙂

UPDATE:  I also hate to allude to my future problems…. but this did not fix my problem of overheating.  (Even though it actually might have fixed another problem?)  I believe some signs are here though? No coolant came out of the hose… plus there was never any pressure in the coolant system.

Basically the symptoms of the problem were…. sporadically running hot (what the Police department told me). I was implementing the KISS method. The thermostat was the first and the easiest fix. But I should have checked the coolant hoses. Both coolant hoses were hot, limp and the coolant in the reservoir would bubble when the car was turned off…. but the car would not overheat. After letting the car idle for 20-30 minutes and also drive for 30 minutes. Basically the car seemed fine except the bubbling coolant.

But lets be honest…. when your Charger is hot and she needs to cool down. All she really needs is some stiff hose and some pumping to cool your nerves…. or whatever. LOL 🙂