By on January 31st, 2016 in Jackson Safety Welding

I CAN SEE AGAIN! Jackson Safety BH3 lens change…. changing out both lens and which replacements you need.


I have been using my Jackson Safety BH3 and I can not see one thing out of it when I am welding.  I forgot if I purchased the mask from or from Either I purchased it used from warehouse or on sale for around $200. The regular price is $300. My northerntools mask because scratched also? After seeing my uline welding case…. you might figure out one reason why? LOL 🙂  Actually the inside of the northerntools mask did not have a protective cover and I scratched it up…. It is hot down here!  The real problem I believe….  is I have started to weld to close to my mask?  SIDE NOTE:  I did just go to the eye doctor and I do need new glasses.  🙂

I had to replace 2 lenses on my Jackson BH3 helmet…. Jackson 37247 WH70 External Safety Lens $15.78 and Jackson 37248 Internal Safety Lens $10.38…. both were reasonably priced through and both included 10 I believe?


Neither lens package came with directions or a manual to change the welding helmet lens out (or I did not look hard enough?).  But it was easy.  Just pop the front ugly yellow piece out from the inside of the mask.  (1st pic red arrows.)  The ugly yellow piece hinges on the bottom (2nd pic, blue arrows show the pieces that goes into the red arrow slots to create the hinge…. Top blue arrows are where the ugly yellow piece pops back in.)  3rd pic show the tabs that hold the ugly piece onto the mask.

Everything worked great and it only took around a minute!  Plus the price was reasonable!  The only issue is…. I hope I do not lose the remaining 9 sets I have!  LOL 🙂