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By on December 31st, 2016 in Klein Tools

Klein Glow in the Dark Tools or Hi-Viz

I guess I a am little late knowing about glow in the dark tools? But apparently Klein has a whole line of them…. Check out the LINK
They have a video, pliers, strippers, cutters, screwdrivers etc…. a pretty good line. Interesting…. I do not own any though. I could see them being useful is certain applications. But wrenches and sockets would be more useful! LOL 🙂 Also I am not sure I ever have lose any this way? But just leaving them behind could be a problem. I would like cheap tracking…. something like this I guess but somehow a sticker? LOL 🙂 LINK

By on May 4th, 2016 in Veto Pro Pac

Another New Veto Pro Pac Bag that I saw…. Was the Veto CP4 Grubber Cargo Pac Tool Bag.

It seems over priced at $60 and seems very small at 10″ x 6″ x 3″….. (This makes it smaller then my colorful Klein Tools 5539CPAK 3 Pack bags I believe are to small.)  It just seems like an expensive wallet?  (Actually a cheap Woman’s wallet!  LOL 🙂 )  But there were no reviews on this item…. I do like the fact there was no plastic or mesh though.  🙂

By on May 3rd, 2016 in Veto Pro Pac

Veto Pro Pac PB4, Small Tool Bags and Tool Tote 4 Pack? Reviews are funny….


I saw a new product from veto…. the PB4 small tool bag. I read some of the reviews and they were funny. I can not say if the product is good or not…. but one side has a see through mesh panel?  Sizes below:
Veto Pro Pac PB4 is 9″ x 5.5″ x 2″
Klein Tools 5139 is 12.5″ x 7″ x 1″    I really like this size…. I have a couple different brands like this one.
Klein Tools 5539CPAK 3 Pack is 10″ x 8″ x 3.5″  The opening is too small…. but the zipper is very nice.  (My hand might be too big?)  The grommet is also nice…. to attach to items…. which also causes the problems with the opening.

I will purchase almost any bag…. and I love my Veto real tool bags. But really mesh…. is it 1980?  Also a plastic side!  Is this a tool bag or what?  Also the reviews on amazon! I really rather see no reviews then housewives reviewing tool bags. LOL 🙂 That is actually why I did not purchase the 1980 throwback bags. Sure I use one of my colorful weird Klein Tool bags as a compact flash drive case in my office (nerd stuff bag).  But these Klein bags are pretty worthless when you are doing manly things!   LOL 🙂  Plus I do not need a $10 Veto pencil case…. unless “I receive the product at a discount to write an honest, unbiased review.” LOL 🙂  Search “discount”  in the reviews…. 23/ 48 reviews got a discount.  Just saying.

By on February 10th, 2016 in Lincoln Welding

Moving a Heavy Welder 500 – 600 pounds Lincoln Square Wave TIG 355

I wish I found a post like this before I purchased my heavy welder.  I also searched forums…. Nothing seemed to talk about this subject.  The only thing I found was a guy who built a pole hoist for his Miller Bobcat.  Which was really not any help.


So it was on a loading dock and I needed to load my heavy welder into the back of my truck.  (I have a manly Honda Ridgeline.  🙂  I believe a Ridgeline is considered a mid sized truck?)  There were 5 guys and a 2 x 6 board…. whch was cut to be used as a ramp.  Going from the dock to my bed of my truck (gap between bed and tail gate).  We slid the welder still on the cart…. on its axle down the wood ramp.  (No clue how long the wood was…. It was cut in 3 pieces though.  But only used 2.)


The next step was getting the 550 pound welder off my truck by myself.  My plan was to use an engine hoist.  (Then I could also use the hoist to put some motors on my truck by myself!  🙂 )  I really wish Tommy Gate made a lift gate for manly work trucks like the Honda Ridgeline!  🙂

I asked some people and waited until the last day before I needed a hoist…. I actually only had 30 minutes before I had to pick up my kids…. So I purchased an AutoZone Duralast/4000 lbs. engine hoist (I will try and remember and add a link).  I heard bad things about the HF version and the Northern Tools came with a leveler?  They all look the exact same though…. Lets be honest here.  🙂


It actually worked.  The problem is the hoist legs are not wide enough for the side of my truck…. So you had to roll the welding cart to the very edge of the truck bed.  Another problem was the welding cart would not fit between the legs of the hoist.  So I had to turn the welder or cart around.

By on January 31st, 2016 in Jackson Safety Welding

I CAN SEE AGAIN! Jackson Safety BH3 lens change…. changing out both lens and which replacements you need.


I have been using my Jackson Safety BH3 and I can not see one thing out of it when I am welding.  I forgot if I purchased the mask from or from Either I purchased it used from warehouse or on sale for around $200. The regular price is $300. My northerntools mask because scratched also? After seeing my uline welding case…. you might figure out one reason why? LOL 🙂  Actually the inside of the northerntools mask did not have a protective cover and I scratched it up…. It is hot down here!  The real problem I believe….  is I have started to weld to close to my mask?  SIDE NOTE:  I did just go to the eye doctor and I do need new glasses.  🙂

I had to replace 2 lenses on my Jackson BH3 helmet…. Jackson 37247 WH70 External Safety Lens $15.78 and Jackson 37248 Internal Safety Lens $10.38…. both were reasonably priced through and both included 10 I believe?


Neither lens package came with directions or a manual to change the welding helmet lens out (or I did not look hard enough?).  But it was easy.  Just pop the front ugly yellow piece out from the inside of the mask.  (1st pic red arrows.)  The ugly yellow piece hinges on the bottom (2nd pic, blue arrows show the pieces that goes into the red arrow slots to create the hinge…. Top blue arrows are where the ugly yellow piece pops back in.)  3rd pic show the tabs that hold the ugly piece onto the mask.

Everything worked great and it only took around a minute!  Plus the price was reasonable!  The only issue is…. I hope I do not lose the remaining 9 sets I have!  LOL 🙂