By on October 7th, 2015 in Klein Tools, Reviews

Klein Tools Professional Alcohol Opening Device the 98002BT Bottle Opener – Picture Review :)

This alcohol opening device is made here in the good old USA…. where basically nothing is made now. I bet my Craftsman alcohol opening device is not made here? It is not that old. 🙂  It is a pretty nice tool if you are an alcoholic and want to put this in your tool bag like me.  JK!  LOL 🙂  It is pretty nice…. it seems a little light but nice enough.

This is really my only issue with the Klein bottle opener…. you have to “always use approved eye protection” when using the opener. So you can not use this around you buddies. You will look like a welder.  🙂 Also “do not use to pry or chisel”…. Wwwwhat?  Really?

So to sum up my review of the Klein Tools 98002BT…. it works fine if you can not read warnings! 🙂 If you can read…. this bottle opener can not be used to “pry” your cap off your beverage.  Also you MUST “ALWAYS USE APPROVED EYE PROTECTION”…. making this the stupidest device ever…. I mean ever! You could probably purchase a bottle opener from China which you could pry a cap off without eye protection?