By on August 21st, 2015 in welding gas

Gas and Supply welding gas prices for Alabama
Well…. I called about welding gas today and this is what they quoted me as prices.  I also live in Alabama.  🙂

I am in the market for purchasing 2 gas bottles for welding.  An argon bottle for welding aluminum and a bottle of 75% Argon 25% Co2 for I guess everything else?  I also wanted a tri-gas for stainless steel but the sales rep said to just use argon?  My welding buddy said to use 75%/25%…. so I am going to try and get away with 2 bottle at first.  🙂

The way Gas and Supply works is they sell 3 sizes.  The first is 40cf (I am assuming…. I missed what the guy said) $90, 80cf is $140 and 125cf is $170.  The first fill on gas is “free”…. for normal gas.  But to fill up the 40cf it is $8, 80cf $11 and 125cf is $18 (I think $18…. I can not really read my handwriting 🙂 ).  Anyway they seemed like great guys over there at Gas and Supply.  They offer trade ups also…. using the actually list price you paid on your bottle…. if you need a larger bottle.  Also you do not have to fill out paperwork and pretend you’re a business to get gas.  At least that is what my buddy told me?  (Actually…. I just filled out all my paperwork and got my business “approved” the other day from another gas company.  This place is actually closer to me.  🙂  My friend also said this place was cheaper?  I actually do not really know…. the other place would not quote anything until I got approved.)