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Klein Tools Professional Alcohol Opening Device the 98002BT Bottle Opener – Picture Review :)

This alcohol opening device is made here in the good old USA…. where basically nothing is made now. I bet my Craftsman alcohol opening device is not made here? It is not that old. 🙂  It is a pretty nice tool if you are an alcoholic and want to put this in your tool bag like me.  JK!  LOL 🙂  It is pretty nice…. it seems a little light but nice enough.

This is really my only issue with the Klein bottle opener…. you have to “always use approved eye protection” when using the opener. So you can not use this around you buddies. You will look like a welder.  🙂 Also “do not use to pry or chisel”…. Wwwwhat?  Really?

So to sum up my review of the Klein Tools 98002BT…. it works fine if you can not read warnings! 🙂 If you can read…. this bottle opener can not be used to “pry” your cap off your beverage.  Also you MUST “ALWAYS USE APPROVED EYE PROTECTION”…. making this the stupidest device ever…. I mean ever! You could probably purchase a bottle opener from China which you could pry a cap off without eye protection?

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Oh the irony…. Bosch’s own bit chuck got stuck in their impact wrench? REALLY?!

Well I was on Bosch’s E-Repair Form page and thought I should post some pics.  Apparently I purchased this on 7/20/2015.  We will see how this goes.

I do not think it matters what bit chuck got stuck…. but I actually took this one out of the included package with the impact wrench.  🙂  I tried to pull the…. well it did not work.  I also tried to use wire cutters to kind of wedge it off…. but that did not seem to help either.  Maybe the actual release chuck is broken?  It definitely should be more user serviceable.  Driving it anywhere is total BS!  Also mailing it apparently is on you…. nice touch.  LOL 🙂

I do really like this impact wrench…. but I am guessing you might see an impact wrench for sale.  LOL  🙂

This is what I purchased:  Bosch CLPK233-181L 18-volt Lithium-Ion Brushless 2-Tool Kit with 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver, Socket Ready Impact Driver, 2 Batteries, Charger and L-BOXX-2

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Gas and Supply welding gas prices for Alabama
Well…. I called about welding gas today and this is what they quoted me as prices.  I also live in Alabama.  🙂

I am in the market for purchasing 2 gas bottles for welding.  An argon bottle for welding aluminum and a bottle of 75% Argon 25% Co2 for I guess everything else?  I also wanted a tri-gas for stainless steel but the sales rep said to just use argon?  My welding buddy said to use 75%/25%…. so I am going to try and get away with 2 bottle at first.  🙂

The way Gas and Supply works is they sell 3 sizes.  The first is 40cf (I am assuming…. I missed what the guy said) $90, 80cf is $140 and 125cf is $170.  The first fill on gas is “free”…. for normal gas.  But to fill up the 40cf it is $8, 80cf $11 and 125cf is $18 (I think $18…. I can not really read my handwriting 🙂 ).  Anyway they seemed like great guys over there at Gas and Supply.  They offer trade ups also…. using the actually list price you paid on your bottle…. if you need a larger bottle.  Also you do not have to fill out paperwork and pretend you’re a business to get gas.  At least that is what my buddy told me?  (Actually…. I just filled out all my paperwork and got my business “approved” the other day from another gas company.  This place is actually closer to me.  🙂  My friend also said this place was cheaper?  I actually do not really know…. the other place would not quote anything until I got approved.)

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Cutting 1/8″ thick 3″ square steel tubing with a Dewalt D28710 Chop Saw for welding

Yesterday, I needed to cut 2 pieces from a 3″ square steel tube which was 1/8″ thick.  I also made some additional cuts from my first cut to make a cap for the pole.  I made a 3″ square and welded it on as the cap.  I used a Dewalt D28710 Chop Saw and welded it all together using a Millermatic 211 without gas using Hobart H222108-R22 10-Pound E71T-11 Carbon-Steel Flux-Cored Welding Wire, 0.035-Inch.  Today, I also called a local gas place (Gas and Supply) and will break down and purchase some gas Monday.  🙂  Wow this Hobart stuff splatters like crazy…. Maybe the gas will smooth things out?  A welding buddy laughed at my welds and said I should purchase some gas the other day.  LOL  🙂

When cutting the square tubing the results were very clean and nice cuts.  But it just took forever…. around 5 minutes.

The Dewalt D28710 14″ 355mm 4hp is rated for 15 amps and is 120 V ac only.

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Nice 18 drawer bin tool, part, screw cabinet.


I thought this cabinet was really nice but just really liked the portable boxes better.  This is similar to the Durham 030-95 Gray Cold Rolled Steel Storage Cabinet, 33-3/4″ Width x 12-7/8″ Height x 11-3/4″ Depth, 18 Drawer…. I was just impressed with the quality, price and the fact I have never seen one of these before.  Amazon has the Durham for $181.48 free delivery…. but I have not touched a new Durham tool box.  🙂  BTW…. I sold this for $100.

By on August 16th, 2015 in Durham, Storage

When is enough small part storage enough? LOL :)

I wanted to purchase a large tool box to store small parts in and saw this crazy auction for this:
– Durham brown 112 hole bolt bin approximate size 63.25″ tall x 35.25″ wide x 12″ deep
–Actually a 72 and a 40 screwed together.
– Durham grey 72 hole bolt bin approximate size 42″ tall x 35.25″ wide x 12″ deep
– Durham brown 40 hole bolt bin approximate size 21″ tall x 35.25″ wide x 12″ deep
– Lyon brown 56 hole bolt bin approximate size 37.5″ tall x 35.25″ wide x 9″ deep
– Durham green 40 hole bolt bin approximate size 22.25″ tall x 33.75″ wide x 8.5″ deep

– Durham 18 drawer cabinet with drawers

– 2 x Durham brown 4 drawer cabinets with 8 drawers
– 3 x Durham grey 4 drawer cabinets with drawers (12 storage drawers)
– 7 x Durham storage drawers without cabinets

After thinking about my purchase…. and admiring it.  🙂  I ended up selling the majority of the storage.  I keep:
– Durham brown 112 hole bolt bin approximate size 63.25″ tall x 35.25″ wide x 12″ deep
–Actually a 72 and a 40 screwed together.
– 2 x Durham grey 4 drawer cabinets with drawers (8 storage drawers)
– 2 x Durham brown 4 drawer cabinets with 8 drawers
– 5 x Durham storage drawers without cabinets

It really is still a lot of storage and the other stuff sold super fast.  I think I sold the stuff to cheap.  But the tool boxes are pretty cheap new.  (CHECK OUT HERE.)  I really paid a good amount at $477…. but it ended up costing me $27.  That was a good deal!  LOL  🙂  Actually at $477 it was a good deal…. but I believe I got a little to excited and did not think things through!  🙂  Also using a tool box to store stuff would have never worked for me.  These bins and boxes work great.

I am also guessing the boxes and bins are Durham….  the only bin labeled was the Lyon bin and it was distinctively different.

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Cheap Bosch L-Boxx 3 or Sortimo L-Boxx 238 for $29.50? No BS! :)

Okay…. I really purchased a Sortimo L-Boxx from the link below guys for $29.50!  🙂  I guess he does not have anymore?  I checked his feedback before I purchase mine and he even had an I-Boxx at one time.  He will have some more to sell one day…. I hope!

I did find another place that had a Reconditioned Bosch Lboxx.  A Refurbished LBoxx how bad could it be?  🙂  Well…. I did not purchase one yet.   They had L-Boxx -2 originally but it seems they only have L-Boxx-1 Refurbs now.  It was cpo.

Link to the Sortimo Seller
Refurb Bosch LBOXX-1 Storage Case $27 on

By on July 24th, 2015 in L-Boxx

Cheap Bosch L-Boxx 3 or Sortimo L-Boxx 238 for $29.50? No BS! :)


Well everyone might have known that you could get a Sortimo L-Boxx 238 for $29.50 shipped?  But I did a lot of searching and I did finally find the source!  🙂  Do not get me wrong I was a little scared.  It even came to my  house in 2 days!  WHAT!  LOL 🙂  The guy is out of Atlanta I believe?  These Sortimo boxes seem nice…. I mean Bosch Sortimo L-Boxxes.  🙂  I wish you could easily purchase inserts…. the plastic inserts not the foam inserts.  They really seem like the best case ever though?

But I wish the Dewalt cases were in the stores…. Because I might have already purchased them.  It is actually the only reason I have never pulled the trigger on the Dewalt Tough System.  The Dewalt TSTAK system looks cheap…. but the reviews claim they are good?

Link to the Sortimo Seller
Bosch LBOXX-3 Carring Case $59 on

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Power Dyne PD-1201 torque multiplier


Purchased this the other day…. I believe a smaller unit would be more helpful.  🙂  Seems to work correctly?  I thought it would be interesting to post.  It is a 1200 ft-lb torque multiplier with a 3/4″ socket.   Weighs around 22 pounds, has a Hardigg case which is written on.  It is pretty cool though and it is also for sale.  I did call around locally and found someone that would calibrate and certify this unit for $350 if you wanted to do that before you purchased it!  LOL  🙂

Just an update but this place also claims to calibrate and A2LA certify this device also?  LINK

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Miller’s Millermatic 211 Mig Welder


Apparently…. the Millermatic 211 comes with the Miller M-100 Gun #248 282 which is 10 feet long ((3 m), .030 –.035 in (0.8 – 0.9 mm)).

I never realized how short 10 feet was!  LOL 🙂  Barely made it with the welder on my roof rack thing.  Also I welded some galvanized crap today.  Seemed like I needed to turn up the power a little?  But I was doing all my welding over my head and in a confined spot.  Thank goodness I purchase a Hobart Welding Jacket and a hat similar to the Lapco hat before trying to weld today.  I really could not tell exactly what I was doing…. but it seemed like my Hobart flux wire splattered 10x as bad?