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VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote – Full of crap

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This is all the stuff I had in my Bucket Boss GateMouth Jr. Tool Bag…..  I am also showing all the wear damage.  I tried zipping the bag with nothing in it and I think the hinges are the problem also?  But the bag was really over stuffed at all times and not used correctly.  🙂

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This is my VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote loaded up….  note I left the tag on.  I also leave my tags on all my hats, shirts and pants!  Yes of course I do not wash my clothing!  I have to keep the stickers and tags looking fly!  (When I use to wear baseball hats (when I had hair)….  I thought I washed them?  Fitted hats start to stink…. I thought?  🙂 )

Also let me know what tool bag you use before I purchase another China bag.