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DROP TEST Ernst Socket Organizer Twist Lock Clips 1/2-Inch Deep Socket Set

I have always purchased those cheap metal Harbor Freight socket set holders. I am not sure if I need to let you know but they are crap! 🙂 These are great so far and you can actually drop them. I was so amazed I made a video. (Not the best video.) If you put a HF holder in your bag the sockets will fall off and if you drop it…. Well you will be looking for sockets everywhere. Big improvement and really worth the extra money if you carry around your sockets. I love the Ernst holder so far at least.

I guess this is also a review for the Drop Test Harbor Freight socket set holders also?

Ernst 13-Inch Socket Organizer with 11 1/2-Inch Twist Lock Clips:
Stanley 97-126 11 Piece 1/2-Inch Drive Metric Deep Impact Socket Set

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Review of the Klein 11061 Wire Stripper

The Klein 11061…. I just received the Klein strippers today and I will also have to show a comparisons with the Neiko 01924A later.  The build quality is really great the grip handle is split like the Neiko strippers but the Klein’s grip seem nicer.  The Klein seem like a better engineered product.  (I also found my original “yellow no name strippers” so I will need to show those also.)

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#JoinNRA I mean #BoycottNRA it is working! LOL :)

Well…. Because one day when they come and get your pocket knife and baseball bat you will know you tried to defend your rights the civilized way.  They are already coming for your cigarettes and your food items.  It is disgraceful how politicians divide the working people just to cause trouble.  Forcing friends and family to fight for no true reason…. Just for reelection and tax money.